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Loss and Foreboding (A Reconstruction)
Silicone, human hair and acrylic

I used to live in perfect harmony with stereo sound, but for the past two weeks I've had something turning my world mono.

Something has made my left ear it's home. It has evaded two Doctors, a nurse and a team at A&E. Despite the pain, the loss of hearing and the speech impediment, we have grown quite attached to each other.

It continuously screams into my ear canal, deafening the entire left hand side world.
It occasionally whispered things into my ear.
Sometimes uplifting, sometimes humorous, sometimes arousing.

As we grew closer, the whispers became remarkably inappropriate, forcing me to take drastic action. It grew smarter, retreating to my ear drum every time an extraction was attempted.

After several unsuccessful attempts of home enucleation, you have been sentenced to death at 10:40am Friday 19th September 2019.

After 10 days of steroids, the morning of 30th September, you were evicted.

I caught a glimpse as you were taken away. Many failed attempts of recreating your likeness.

The Job-centre asked what steps I had taken to find work. I had searched high and low for my ear dweller, but had found nothing. I presented a reconstruction of my loss.
They are going to get back to me.

What if I was saved that day?
My being today, is in fact, the extraction?
What type of imprint would I have left behind?

If we ever met again, what would we say to each other?
It's been several weeks now, a lot can happen it that time.
A person can change a great deal.

A date had been set. A moment of intensity.
The anxiety rises as the reunion approaches.

Our embrace may have been hindered by glass, but we gained the closure that I longed for.
I'm proud of their success.
I wish them all the best.